September PTA minutes to be submitted for approval


Ocean View Elementary PTA Minutes

September 9, 2014


The meeting was called to order by the president, Tiffany Patzke, at 7:00 p.m. in the library.  A quorum was present and the following 20 members attended:

Heather Jones, Heather Mouw, Carrie Todd, Rebecca Garcia, Jason Zotlola, Dali Osmane, Lori Hickman, Jamie Kmet, Erynn Smith, Kyra Workman, Lindsay Davis, Valerie Johnson, Holly Barclay, Shanna Zuspan, Larrell Lockard, Robert Garcia, Marylynn Zock, Bev Courtnage, Tiffany Patzke, Brad Davis.


Copies of the minutes from the previous meeting were provided for all members to review.  A motion to approve the minutes was made by Lori and seconded by Jamie.  The motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report

Regular Account: $11,719.29

Carrie reported we need to schedule an annual audit to be completed and filed with Alaska PTA by the end of October.

Membership Report

Jamie reported we have received 25 single and 22 family memberships, for a total of 69 members.

President’s Report

Tiffany welcomed everyone to our first annual meeting and introduced our 2014-15 PTA board members.  They are as follows:

  • Tiffany Patzke, President
  • Heather Mouw, Vice President
  • Jamie Kmet, Vice President 2
  • Carrie Todd, Treasurer
  • Rebecca Garcia, Secretary

A copy of our proposed annual budget was submitted to members for review.   The income and expense details were explained within the budget.  A motion to approve the budget was made by Bev and seconded by Heather M.  The motion carried.

Principal’s Report

The school business partners are sponsoring the “It’s Cool to Come to School” contest throughout the school district for attendance.  Students with no unexcused absences could win a chance to earn their class an inflatable party per quarter or an ultimate field day at the end of the school year.  Please call the office if your child is ill, excused absences do not count against your child.

The Anchorage School District will soon be offering text messaging service to all parents for updates such as school closures or late buses.  This will be in addition to TV, radio, and website notifications already in use.

The State of Alaska will be implementing a new testing format for assessments this year called Alaska Measures of Progress (AMP).  In the past, SBA testing usually occurred over 3 days in April when taken with paper and pencil.  This year the testing window will be expanded to accommodate all students (3rd-6th) to complete their assessment tests on a computer.  This will affect when PTA provides snacks for students and when volunteers are needed for hall monitors.

New Business

  • Innisbrook, the main fundraiser of the year is underway and all orders are due by Thursday, September 18th. A buyout program has been offered as an option, with 100% of the proceeds going to Ocean View PTA and a prize given to each child for participation.
  • A canopy will be purchased by Sept. 27th for use at the XC Jamboree and to be used in the future for any PTA or school sponsored events.
  • The physical education department has elected to use annual funds to purchase snow shoes for students and service existing skates and skis.
  • Committees for this year’s PTA sponsored activities were set and members are encouraged to join.
  • The PTA will renew the school license for showing movies in the school for “Movie Night”. Grade levels may be allowed to host movie nights for fundraising opportunities.


Committee Reports

  • None


Oct. 20-23    Book Fair (volunteers needed)

Oct. 22-23    Parent/Teacher conferences (teacher luncheon donations needed)

Oct. 24         No School – Fall Carnival setup

Oct. 25         Fall Carnival 6-8 p.m.

The next PTA meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 14th in the library at 7p.m.

A motion to adjourn was made at 7:55 p.m. by Bev and seconded by Robert.  Motion carried.

*These minutes have been submitted for approval by Rebecca Garcia on September 10th, 2014.

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September 9th Agenda


Membership Meeting

September 9th, 2014

7:00 pm Ocean View Library

  • Call to order
  • Approval of Minutes
  • Treasurers Report – Carrie Todd
    • Balance on account
    • Need for audit
  • Presidents Report
    • Welcome/Introduction
    • FB/Webpage
    • Budget
    • Innisbrook
  • Membership Report – Jaime Kmet
  • Principal Report – Heather Jones
  • New Business
    • Committees – Article X of bylaws
      • eScrip
      • Fall Carnival
      • Spirit Wear
      • Teacher Appreciation
      • Giving Tree
      • Movie Night
      • Winter Family Fun Night/Silent Auction
      • Testing Snacks
      • Science Night
      • Seal Day
      • 6th Grade Send off
      • End of year BBQ
      • City Wide Clean-up
      • Playground
    • Cross Country meet – canopy
    • eScrip
    • Fall Carnival
    • Movie Night
    • Announcements – Next meeting October 14th
    • Adjourn
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Picture Day

Tomorrow is Picture Day! If you wish to order on-line, Alaska Focus Photography is offering 4 wallet size pictures for free! Be sure to use the Ocean View Code (OVE14) when ordering. Your student will be having both class pictures and individual pictures taken tomorrow. Below is the link to their website, making ordering even easier. Be sure to bring your best smiles tomorrow!

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A Brand New School Year

Welcome to the 2014-15 school year!

It is so good to see so many familiar faces returning to Ocean View, and exciting to meet all the new ones.  Your PTA is already busy doing what they do best; building a strong sense of community between parents/guardians, students, teachers, administrators and staff at Ocean View Elementary.  I sure hope you were able to join us for the Ice Cream Social, Cheers and Tears and the Open House.

First let me introduce you to this school year’s PTA Board.

  • Rebecca Garcia, Secretary – 2 students, 2nd and 5th grade
  • Carrie Todd, Treasurer – 2 students, 5th and 8th grade
  • Jaime Kmet, VP of membership – 2 students, 1st and 3rd grade
  • Heather Mouw, Vice President – 2 students, 2nd and 5th
  • Tiffany Patzke, President – 2 students, 4th and 7th grade

We would like to invite you to join PTA.  You might ask, “Why be a member of PTA”?  Our PTA is a great way to keep you in the know of what is happening at your school.  It is a great way to help support your child’s education; it helps you connect with families, with the same goals for our students.  It is a great way to use your talents that are unique to yourself, to benefit all students and the school.  PTA is also a way to effectively suggest changes or ideas and then be involved in making them happen.

Did you know that in addition to fun events like ice cream socials, movie nights and fall carnival that we also provide school supplies, assemblies, buses for field trips, and other assistance that may be requested that can benefit all students here at Ocean View.

Your dues helps contribute to our budget, but our largest contributions come from fundraisers; like Innisbrook( that will kick off on September 4th), CARRS eScrips, Fred Meyer Community Rewards, Pick-Click-Give and donations from parents.

Our meetings are held usually in the Ocean View Library on the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm.  Everyone is welcome! Membership forms are attached to the newsletter or in the office.

Upcoming Events:

  • Innisbrook fundraiser September 4-18
  • Picture Day September 9th
  • First PTA meeting September 9th

Want to learn more, or message the board at

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Speaking up for schools

Posted by Tonia Burrough

Over the past seven years it is been my pleasure to get to know many of the parents, students, teachers, and staff at Ocean View Elementary. If there’s one thing that’s been constant, it’s been change. We’ve said goodbye and hello to three principals, and seen our teaching staff go through some changes as people retire, move, and join our school.

We’ve also encountered change because of school budget issues. This year as a result of budget cuts, we lost our fulltime Ignite teacher and two special education teaching assistants. In years previous to this one, we saw cuts to kindergarten teaching assistants. As a school community, we came together and begrudgingly adapted.

I am now worried that the budget cuts the Anchorage School District is facing are too significant for us to adapt and maintain the quality of education we all want for our kids. For the first time ever, I’ll be attending the school board meeting tonight at 6:30 to give public testimony about my concerns, which are:

*ratio of kid to teachers
If teacher positions get reduced then there will be more kids in the already full classrooms. Currently, most of the classrooms are so full that there isn’t much space to walk through. More kids means less teacher contact and relationship building as well as diminished quality of education.

*Budget reductions shouldn’t impact kids
Our kids are our future, lets give them the best possible opportunity to learn all they can. What other areas can be reduced that aren’t involved with kids? Increased pressure on testing and graduation rate; the cuts from last year (Special Education, career counselors, graduation coaches, counselors) as well as cuts proposed for the next two years significantly impact kids directly. Increased class sizes with decreased supports does not foster the best opportunity to learn.

*We need Special Education TA’s (teacher assistants) and counselors
Our sped ta’s are crucial for children. Many Special Education students need accommodations that allow them to learn in a modified or alternative environment. The Special Education TA’s assist in this individualized learning plan by providing extra support in classrooms, as well as individualized instruction in the Special Education room. On top of working with educational needs, these TA’s often work on behavior goals with Special Education students. The Counselors are highly needed too. There are many issues that families need help with; issues such as divorce, death, abuse, etc. Parents and students need help to deal with these issues. Kids bring their problems to school and these counselors are a safe place for them to discuss delicate matters. If these issues are not addressed, students are not in any position to learn and teachers do not always have the time or training to handle these issues.

*supplies and materials
Our school has run out of printing paper on multiple occasions. Teachers need this resource to give kids hands on work. There is need for good, sturdy staplers, tape dispensers and such. Basic things will go a long way!

If you have thoughts or concerns about the school budget, please consider joining me at 6:30 p.m. at the ASD School Board meeting and speaking out. Or just come for a show of support. I’ve never spoken out at a public meeting before, but I will try to contain my nervousness to speak up for what I believe is important.

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Act now for New Spirit Wear!

Woo-hoo! We are so excited by our school-design spirit wear and ready to make it available to everyone with Seal pride! There are two designs – one for youth, and one that comes in youth and adult sizes.

To order, click and print the order form and return it with payment by December 3.

youth logo           youth and adult logo

Youth Order Form (design on left)

Youth/Adult Order Form

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Alert – the eScrips 10% for Schools launched, ends October 4

The eScrips program has started their “Your School Gets 10 Percent” promotion and we need to act fast. During the short period that ends October 4, Carrs/Safeway will contribute 10 percent of your total purchase to eligible schools.

Did you know that Ocean View friends and families raised almost $3,000  for school programs through eScrips last year? Let’s do it again! It’s easy. 

Here’s how to benefit Ocean View: 

  1.  If you already signed up your Carrs card for the eScrip program and designated Ocean View Specialists as your beneficiary, do nothing. Ocean View will receive a donation during this promotion, and each month based on total receipts. You can sign up for eScrips here 
  2. If you have NOT signed up for eScrips, you will see a redemption code like this at the bottom of your receipt. You can go to this website and enter this code yourself OR send your receipts to school with your child and a volunteer will enter the redemption code for you. 

  3. At each register at Carrs on Huffman you will see a decorated bag where you can drop your receipts after shopping. Do that, and encourage others to do that too!

  4. Message your friends and ask them to save their shopping receipts for Ocean View. You can enter them, or send them to school.

  5. This weekend we are hoping to have a collection event at Carrs. Stay tuned for a sign up sheet and consider donating an hour to help collect receipts.

This is a great opportunity to raise funds. By working together, we make it work for our students!

Questions? Ideas? Comment here or start a conversation at

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Parent classroom volunteers

A recent survey by WeAreTeachers and VolunteerSpot of more than 1,000 parents and educators indicates that there is strong support for parent volunteers in the classroom, critical gaps between teacher needs and how parents are currently pitching in, and a wish from both groups to see the current parent volunteer roles grow. This survey opens a window into how parents and teachers can better work together and use technology to boost participation, involve more working parents, and increase parent engagement in support of student success.

Do you have ideas about ways we can address the volunteer gap?

VolunteerSpot: Parent Volunteering Infographic

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Welcome Back!

Welcome back Seals!

The first PTA membership meeting will take place tomorrow at 7 p.m. in the library and there are many reasons to attend:

  1. Meet other parents and staff who want to work together to make this the best year for all students.
  2. Help with the planning for PTA activities this year. We want your input on this year’s budget (see the draft here) and the best way to allocate $2,500 this year.
  3. Door prizes!


No doubt you’ve seen the Innisbrook fundraising kits come home with your student. Innisbrook is our biggest fundraising event of the year and provides the bulk of funds we expend on teacher requests, clubs and after-school activities, reading and character incentives, and enrichment events like science day. It REALLY does make a difference if you and your student participate.

However, we have heard that some parents would prefer to make a cash donation rather than participate in Innisbrook sales, so this year we introduced a “BUY-OUT” program. Make a cash donation of the amount that fits your budget and your student will still receive some great prizes. If your employer has a matching gift program, please remember to turn in your donations to Ocean View Elementary. We are a charitable, 501(c)3 organization, registered in the State of Alaska.


Many of our students and families look forward to Fall Carnival every year. It takes a lot of hands to set up, operate and clean up. If you can volunteer any time, please shoot a note to Check out the other upcoming events by navigating to the calendar.


Last year our PTA made nearly $1,000 in the Carrs/Safeway eScrips program. If you haven’t signed up your Carrs/Safeway savings card for eScrip, do it here. and select “Ocean View Elementary Specialists.”

If you have signed up in the past, remember to renew your  savings card EACH year to benefit our school. Renew here.

See you tomorrow night!

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Things are hoppin’

Greetings Ocean View families,
The end of the year is one of our busiest times with celebrations, activities and send-offs. It’s also when we have the greatest need for parent volunteers. Below is a list of events and details on opportunities to get involved. Some of the events have online signups available, and you can connect directly at with info about what event you are available to help with!
If you can’t volunteer time, consider sending a soup for the teacher lunch, or send your old cell phones to clean up day. 

Science Day is Back!

Ocean View will host Science Day for all students May 21. The Alaska Museum of Science and Nature will be at school with 20 hands-on science learning stations. Stations will focus on three themes: Dinosaurs and Rocks, NanoScience and Engineering, and Electricity. We need at least 17 adult volunteers in order to make this day a success. Please sign up using our online form here. Science Day is made possible with the funds raised by PTA members and volunteers – thank you!
ImageSpring Clean Up Day
The persistence of snow on the ground meant that cleanup day is now May 4. Students who deliver bags of trash picked up in the community will be entered to win an IPod Touch. NEW THIS YEAR: Ocean View PTA is hosting a cell phone recycling program. Drop off your old cell phones and smart phones on May 4 and money raised will benefit programs at our school. Get old phones from family members too – depending on the age and model, our school could earn up to $30 per phone. (And, we’ll be keeping these electronics out of the landfill). Please drop off cell phones and batteries only: no cords, chargers or accessories.
Teacher appreciation weekImage
To celebrate our teachers and thank them for their service to our students, parents are invited to bring a soup or salad to school on Friday, May 10.  Our goal is to have a variety of items to treat our staff to lunch. If you can, please deliver your soup or salad by 10:30 a.m. Sign up to bring an item here. Email for questions.
Creating a vision for our PTA
PTA is not just about fundraising and special events – the overall purpose of PTA is “to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering famlies and communities to advocate for children.” What does that mean for Ocean View? What are your ideas and aspirations for our school? Please join us at 7 p.m. on May 14 (our regular monthly PTA meeting) where we will host a special guest speaker to help us decide our PTA’s purpose and where we focus our energy next year. Jeff Jessee is the executive director of the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, and has been a long-time PTA volunteer and advocate. Families and staff should plan to attend this engaging and thought-provoking discussion.
End of School BBQ
The End of School BBQ will be May 23. All families are invited to come and join their students for the last lunch of the year. More information will come home about food donations – but we do need volunteers to help serve and keep the line moving. Thanks to Alaska Sand and Gravel for the grill!
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